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Read this before you post

Post by KC Scott » Tue May 20, 2014 11:00 am

Please Note that the One Board is Owned, Maintained and Financed by the Administrators of The One Board.

Members ability to post on The One Board shall be considered a privilege and not a right

The Admin provide The One Board as a service to members of The One Board.
We reserve the right to interpret The One Board rules as written below on a case by case basis.

Board Rules

1. No revealing other user's personal information. This includes, but is not limited to: user's full, real names; home or employment addresses; home or employment telephone numbers; place of employment; e-mails; or IP information. Any violator of this rule will be publicly revealed, with details of violation posted for all to see. The violator will be BANNED FOR LIFE. The proper authorities will be notified, with complaints of harassment, threats or other applicable criminal violations. There will be no exceptions to this rule under any circumstances whatsoever.

2. Child pornography is Not allowed. Violators will banned and the proper authorities notified.
If you're not sure about posting something that could be considered kiddie porn, don't post it.

3. Nudity and gore. Anyone who starts a thread with nudity should post (!)'s in the title and a (g) for gore.
While nudity is not necessarily be discouraged, this is a smack board, not a porn board.

4. PMs. If you post (here or elsewhere) a PM that someone sent you in confidence here, it's cause for banning you from here.

5. Pictures & Digital Images. Members are free to post images & pictures as long as they do not violate the previously stated rules exposing personal information, potential child pornography or new threads without the appropriate warning tags. This includes pictures of the members themselves or others which may or may not be subject to manipulation for the enjoyment of the members and visitors of

6. Posting & Forums. The mods and Admin will exercise their wide discretion to delete what they don't want to see posted.
Trashing a good thread with shit posts is a cause for deletion. Someone who repeatedly does that will likely lose the ability to post in that forum. If you don't like it, leave. It is that simple.

The Cul de Smack forum is a bit different. We are trying to achieve a balance that will be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve. Yes, we would love to see quality humor and great takes. But we realize that evaluation is subjective. What one person finds humorous might offend or bore the next.

While the moderators will also have wide descretion in the main smack forum, we hope to come to a concensus based on users' input on where that line is drawn. It may never be perfect. But if there is a serious issue, take it up with an admin, a mod or the rest of the board.

The bottom line is this: If you want to be a part of the community, then post some stuff and join in. If you don't, then don't come here.

The One
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