Hey Goobs, you fukking drunk, get in here.

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Hey Goobs, you fukking drunk, get in here.

Post by smackaholic » Mon Jan 18, 2021 11:11 pm

Was in the Navy Base Exchange in Groton today, just killing time and wandered into the hootch section.

I finally choked down the last of that Bourbon a friend bought me a while ago and was looking for my next bottle.

Noticed that Jim Beam was on sale. Ginourmous bottle...20 bones.

WTF, since they're giving it away.

So, here I sit at my 'puter drowning my right wing neanderthal sorrows in the stuff.

First impression....it tastes like that last bottle of Bourbon I bought, but with water about 50/50.

It goes down real easy. Prolly a little too easy. Hell, even the midget could drink this stuff.

Seems to me this is Bourbon for people who aren't bourbon drinkers, or maybe aspiring bourbon drinkers.

What are your thoughts? My guess is you'll say it is watery shit, not fit for consumption by men.

I looked it up on the interwebs and their take was pretty much, the same. Good for mixed drinks, but not for actual manly man bourbon sippers like goobs.
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